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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Toledo Waterpocalypse

Toledo Blade Photo

First, I'm going to start with a list of Toledo, Ohio Mayors:

Term of ServiceNameLife DatesParty
1837–1839John Berdan1798-1841Whig
1839–1840Hezekiah D. MasonWhig
1840–1843Myron H. Tilden1812-1888Whig
1843–1844James Myers (politician)1795-1864Democratic
1844–1845George B. Way1811-1868Whig
1845–1846Richard Mott1804-1888Republican
1846–1849Emery Davis Potter1804-1896Democratic
1849–1850Daniel O. Morton1815-1859Democratic
1850–1851Caleb F. Abbott1811-1855Whig
1851–1852Charles M. Dorr1816-1870
1852Daniel McBain (resigned)
1852Egbert B. Brown (resigned)1816-1902
1852–1853Ira L. Clark ?-1885
1853Mavor Brigham1806-1897
1853–1857Charles M. Dorr (2)1816-1870
1857–1860Alexander Brownlee (resigned)1806-1872
1860–1861Alexander H. Newcomb ?-1888Republican
1861Isaac R. Sherwood1835-1925Democratic
1861–1863John Manor1829-1888
1863–1867Charles M. Dorr (3)1816-1870
1867–1869Charles A. King1817-1893Republican
1869–1871William Kraus1813-1883Republican
1871–1875William W. Jones1819-1892Democratic
1875–1877Guido Marx1827-1899Republican
1877–1879William W. Jones (2)1819-1892Democratic
1879–1885Jacob Romeis1835-1904Republican
1885George W. Scheets1842-1929Republican
1885–1887Samuel F. Forbes1830-1897Republican
1887–1891James Kent Hamilton1839-1918Republican
1891–1893Vincent J. Emmick1846-1917Republican
1893–1897Guy G. Major1859-1912Republican
1897–1904Samuel Milton "Golden Rule" Jones (died in office)1846-1904
1904–1905Robert H. Finch1856-1915Republican
1906–1913Brand Whitlock1869-1934
1914–1915Carl H. Keller1875-1952Republican
1916–1917Charles M. Milroy1867-1931Republican
1918–1921Cornell Schreiber1881-1945Democratic
1922–1925Bernard F. Brough1871-1926Republican
1926–1927Fred J. Mery1876-1949Republican
1928–1931William Trayton Jackson1876-1933Republican
1932–1933Addison Q. Thacher1876-1963Republican
1934–1935Solon T. Klotz1866-1948
1936–1939Roy C. Start1877-1956Republican
1940–1942John Q. Carey (resigned)1905-1958
1943–1947Lloyd Emerson Roulet1891-1985Republican
1948–1950Michael V. DiSalle1908-1981Democratic
1950–1951Ollie CzelustaRepublican
1952–1953Lloyd Emerson Roulet (2)1891-1985Republican
1954–1957Ollie Czelusta (2)Republican
1957–1959John W. Yager1920-2000Democratic
1959–1961Michael J. Damas1912-2003Democratic
1961–1967John William Potter ?-1998Republican
1967–1971William J. EnsignDemocratic
1971–1976Harry W. Kessler1927-2007Democratic
1977–1983Douglas DeGood1947-Democratic
1983–1989Donna Owens1937-Republican
1990–1993John McHughDemocratic
1994–2002Carleton S. "Carty" Finkbeiner1939-Democratic
2002–2005Jack Ford1947-Democratic
2006–2010Carleton S. "Carty" Finkbeiner (2)1939-Democratic
2010–2014Michael P. Bell1955-
2014-Present     D.Michael Collins                                                                 Independent

The Independents were either Dimocrats or are union supporting left wingers, so, since 1967, with one exception, Toledo has been run by Dimocrats. What does this mean? Let's see who ran the 10 worst American cities in 2013:

Camden, NJ —Mayor Dana Redd, Democrat
Flint MI — Mayor Dayne Walling, Democrat
Detroit MI — Mayor Dave Bing/Mike Duggan, Democrat(s)
Oakland, CA — Mayor Jean Quan, Democrat
St. Louis, MO — Mayor Francis Slay, Democrat
Cleveland, OH — Mayor Frank Jackson, Democrat
Gary, IN — Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson, Democrat
Newark NJ — Mayor Corey Booker/Luis Quintana, Democrat(s)
Bridgeport, CT — Mayor Bill Finch, Democrat
Birmingham, AL — Mayor William A. Bell, Democrat

So why do we have a water emergency in Toledo? The short answer is that a toxic chemical, microcystin, released by algae, is causing the problem.

Toledo has known about this potential issue for decades, but has done nothing about it. As is the case with most cities run by Dimocrats, the infrastructure is crumbling:

“An outside engineering firm was retained to evaluate the condition of the water treatment plant and identified the deterioration of the roofs and structural steel supports over the west and east plant filter galleries, flocculation basins, and connecting hallways,” city records said."

Interestingly, microcystin can be easily remediated by appropriate municipal treatment systems:

"Most of the common microcystin variants are well removed by activated carbon (Hart 
et al 1998; UKWIR 1996; Cook and Newcombe 2002). The exception is microcystin 
LA which is not readily removed and other processes are recommended (Cook and 
Newcombe 2002). For other microcystins wood-based, chemically activated carbon 
is the most effective, or a carbon with similar physical properties. Doses of powdered 
activated carbon required for removal to below the guideline value will depend on 
water quality, and site specific tests are recommended. Granular activated carbon 
filtration displays a limited lifetime for all toxins. This can vary between 2 months to 
more than one year depending on the type of toxin and the water quality (Newcombe 
2002; UKWIR, 1996) 

Dissolved microcystins have been shown to be removed by some reverse osmosis 
and nanofiltration membranes. As removal will depend of membrane pore size 
distribution and water quality, site specific tests are recommended (Smith et al 2002; 
Gijsbertsen-Abrahamse et al. 2006; Muntisov and Trimboli 1996; Neumann and 
Weckesser 1998). 

Chlorination and ozonation are effective for the removal of microcystins. A residual of 
at least 0.3 mg L-1 of ozone for 5 minutes will be sufficient for all of the most common 
microcystins. For chlorine a dose of 3 mg L-1 applied to obtain a residual of 0.5 mg 
L-1 for at least 30 minutes will be effective (Nicholson et al. 1994; Newcombe 2002; 

Rositano et al. 1998: Rositano et al. 2001; Ho et al. 2006a; Acero et al. 2005). "

Toledo has known about this for decades and has not only done nothing to fix the problem, but has allowed the deficient water treatment facility to fall into disrepair. It's a shame that evil libtard Dimocrats have such a following, but election after election, puppy eyed entitlement-minded  retards can be found to vote Dimocrat.   
Gee, that's certainly worked out well.

1 comment:

  1. One will also note that when Toledo was under long term Republican control it was known as the Riviera of the Midwest.