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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We've lost Detroit!!!!!

Certainly, a large part of Detroit's problems can be traced to the changing nature of the auto industry. Many auto manufacturing jobs were outsourced and when foreign car companies decided to put assembly plants back in the U.S., they located in non-union states.

Having stated the above, Detroit has been run by Dimocrats since 1962. Its population has gone from a high of 2 million to about 700,000 today. During the last 10 years, Detroit's population has dropped 25 percent.

A recent article in The Daily notes that "Detroit citizens no longer rely on police as self-defense killings skyrocket."

Excerpt: "Justifiable homicide in the city shot up 79 percent in 2011 from the previous year, as citizens in the long-suffering city armed themselves and took matters into their own hands. The local rate of self-defense killings now stands 2,200 percent above the national average. Residents, unable to rely on a dwindling police force to keep them safe, are fighting back against the criminal scourge on their own. And they’re offering no apologies."

"In this city of about 700,000 people, the number of cops has steadily fallen, from about 5,000 a decade ago to fewer than 3,000 today. Detroit homicides — the second-highest per capita in the country last year, according to the FBI — rose by 10 percent in 2011 to 344 people."

The interesting thing about the above excerpt is that in a typical city of 700,000 population, you would usually make do with 2,300 police officers. The fact that Detroit had 5,000 police at one time just shows the great job Dimocrats do at mismanaging a city. The 3,000 police are still more than the city should need, yet Detroit has descended into anarchy.

As one Detroit homeowner put it: “Where else do the police come to your house after you’ve been robbed and ask you, ‘Why did you call us?

I kinda figured Detroit would be the first city to go. Next will probably be Los Angeles and then maybe Atlanta.

Former KGB analyst and dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry's academy, Igor Panarin, has predicted that the United States will break up into six regions. (I think Panarin is correct, but the geography will be different than he thinks) "There's a 55-45% chance right now that disintegration will occur," he says. "One could rejoice in that process." Mr. Panarin posits, in brief, that mass immigration, economic decline, and moral degradation will trigger a civil war..."

I still maintain we are no more than 18-24 months away from SHTF day.

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